24 Aug
Latest School Holiday Program receives star reviews

Latest School Holiday Program receives star reviews

The latest School Holiday Program (SHP) launched in July and was met with an outstanding response! 

Participants had the choice of joining our usual group activities or choose their own solo adventure with one-on-one support. Many of our families provided fantastic feedback from the latest program, and here are just some highlights: 

Fantastic range of activities 

“It was [my daughter’s] first ever School Holiday Program and the outcome was amazing: she looked forward to a new experience in the program each day,” said Jessy, Aanyah’s mother. 

“I really appreciate and thank Workpower for organizing such a wonderful program with diverse indoor and outdoor activities, making it so productive for my child. I’ve been looking for a school holiday program like this for a couple of years, and this one ticks all the boxes.” 

Customised approach 

When asked about her experience, our participant Jemma’s mum Rosanna said that she would highly recommend us to her friends. She was impressed by the way we adapted to her child’s needs. 

“[Workpower were] able to make changes and come up with an alternative plan at short notice in order to continue a great day for my daughter.” 

Terrific staff 

“I was very delighted to see the pics that Sara Cuevas (SHP Coordinator) sent me every day and how my child was enjoying herself,” said Jessy. 

“Staff was so prompt with pick-up and drop-offs and always kept me updated on how my child’s day had been.”  

Aanyah enjoys a sensory play session with the group.

Peace of mind 

As a full-time worker, SHP gave Jessy peace of mind that Aanyah was spending her time productively and enjoying herself. 

“This program best suits me as well. It’s a full day program and I don’t have to worry about extra caring arrangements during school holidays.” 

Thanks for your feedback! 

We want to thank Jessy, Rosanna, and all our SHP participants and families for their terrific support! Your feedback helps us make sure we provide the best experiences and opportunities for the people with disability we support. 

For more about our next program, contact us today on email or at 1800 610 665.