02 Jul
Catching up with our Performing Arts crew!

Catching up with our Performing Arts crew!

We’re mid-way through the year, and our talented participants have been rehearsing lines and practicing dance moves nonstop! Here’s what Manager Program Development Bithika Kastha says about what the team is learning and the different activities they’re trying out.

Challenging the body

We’ve struck gold with the level of talent this year!

We start each class with stretches, and little by little everyone’s flexibility has improved. Starting our rehearsals earlier in the year allows participants to really hone their skills, and will make for an even greater show.

Our rehearsals also incorporate a new style of dance, which will be revealed on the performance day! Suffice to say, everyone is excited, and can’t wait to show off their new moves.

And we’re happy to report that our new members fit right at home with the rest of the group. Everyone is trying the different activities and enjoying the process.

They’ve found their place in the group and their self-confidence has just grown. Feeling comfortable in their surroundings has also improved their ability to focus and further build their skills.

Laughing and learning together

Since last year, one of the activities that the participants have really taken on board is show and tell. Each week we see more and more participants keen to share their stories and knowledge with others.

It ties in well with our focus for this month, which is building teamwork and leadership. Participants get the chance to showcase something that makes them proud, and seeing them take the lead is very inspiring!

The level of focus has been great – so much so that the room goes completely silent while everyone is concentrating!

But the new highlight of each session is when everyone gets to be a part of the Bucket Band. Each participant is learning to experiment with the different sounds and rhythms the different sized buckets can produce.

Getting pumped for the performance

Last year, the All Aboard! theme came from suggestions from participants and support staff. We listened to what talents and activities they wanted to showcase, and put together a show to include everyone. This year we’re building on this process – we’re collecting lots of ideas and really stretching our imaginations!

As things ramp up we’ll be sharing more updates on our Performing Arts stars, so stay tuned! Also, check out the previous update.

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