13 Apr
Launching our Intro to Performing Arts Program!

Launching our Intro to Performing Arts Program!

Great news – school leavers from West Coast Secondary ESC can now get a taste of what our Performing Arts have to offer with an exclusive program! Our Performing Arts Facilitator Sonni shares with us what activities the program offers, and how the students look forward to the class each week!

Intro to Performing Arts

We’re so excited to provide this six week program to the students of West Coast Secondary Education Support Centre (WCSESC). They are co-located at a shared site with Duncraig Senior High School and a recognised Education Support Distinctive School that offer education support placements for children with disability. Our Performing Arts program is designed for students leaving school at the end of the year.

Students have the opportunity to try out a range of dancing, performing, and music making activities and find out what suits them. Over the course of the program we focus on these main objectives:

  • listening and communication
  • movement and dance
  • making music
  • acting

We use a variety of fun games, songs, exercises, musical instruments, and activities to make it as fun, engaging, and collaborative as possible!

Building lifelong skills

Just like in our regular Performing Arts program, the lessons are directed at building important life skills, like:

  • self-confidence and expression
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • awareness of music and rhythm
  • large and fine motor skills
  • memory and focus
  • recognition and expression of feelings
  • imagination and creativity
  • independence and decision making

Every week the students come in excited and eager to start the class! And from the looks of it, they’re having a blast!

Our sixth and final class will be an unmissable, showcase event. Students will show off the skills they’ve learnt in front of their family and friends, and Progress Reports and Certificates of Achievement will be presented. It should make this a great celebration!

We’ll be following up with an update on our Performing Arts program soon, so stay tuned!

Our dedicated team strive to help individuals achieve their dreams and goals. If you’d like to know more about our Performing Arts programs or other community supports, get in contact with us today at 1800 610 665!