28 Aug
Layne works towards her sports journalism dream

Layne works towards her sports journalism dream

Last month we helped a motivated young lady named Layne get her foot in the door with a writing work experience. With a goal to become a journalist, she began a work placement at our Corporate office alongside her support worker Hannah. 

Layne shares with us her experience in the workplace and her passion for writing about disability. 

An opportunity for experience 

I’ve been working with my support worker Hannah to look for work experience and build employment skills. As part of this, we worked on my resume and used the local library to build up my online blog.  

In July our search resulted in an opportunity at Workpower’s Corporate office in Herdsman. Over two days I would assist the marketing team to write and edit articles for their website.

Through this experience I gained valuable skills from the workplace. Some in particular I plan to incorporate into my own writing. The different skills I developed include: 

  • Working from a specific template and brief 
  • Communicating and collaborating with others 
  • Using my imagination to write engaging articles 
  • Creating good titles and concise copy 

Writing about disability 

Since November of last year I started writing stories and articles about disability on my own website.  

I believe that writing stories about people with disability and the issues they face will encourage others to think of them as equal and the same as everyone else. 

As a para-athlete, my dream is to work as a journalist and spread awareness of disability within the sports industry. 

Growing her writing skills 

During her short time at the office Layne succeeded in preparing website articles according to the brief and style provided. She has strong writing skills and worked well with the marketing team to edit and refine her work.  

It was wonderful having her in the office, and we wish her the best of luck in her writing and sports career! 

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