12 Jun
Learning new skills in the kitchen

Learning new skills in the kitchen

Our Catering division underwent some changes in response to the COVID-19 situation over the past few months. Now our team are back to providing catering orders for small corporate gatherings, and the Blue Bean Cafe can prepare in-house meals again within the WA Police headquarters.  

We share how they adjusted to the changes to build a different set of hospitality skills. 

New training 

With reduced orders we’ve taken this time as an opportunity for our supported staff to gain extra training.  

Firstly, all staff and employees completed the mandatory AHA COVID-19 hygiene course. This ensures everyone understands the hygiene risks, follows correct procedure, and prioritises safety at all times. 

Developing hospitality experience 

Every day our employees build their experience in food preparation while in the kitchen. Over the last few weeks they’ve had the chance to expand this with skills that will help them succeed in the hospitality industry. 

Catherine is learning to prepare more complex orders for our catering products. This includes fresh sausage rolls and sandwiches, which require a list of different ingredients prepared in a certain way.  

Catherine and her support worker Maddi are working together to learn the process by heart and is making great progress. She takes a lot of pride in the different dishes prepared for cafe customers and enjoys building on her culinary techniques.  

Catherine fills the pastry for our famous sausage rolls!

In our Blue Bean Cafe, JD has stepped up to greet and serve our customers at the front. With guidance from the team he’s learning to listen and prepare dishes, using the sandwich press and other appliances to serve each order as requested.  

It’s been a great opportunity for him to brush up on his customer service skills and interact with customers. 

Meanwhile, Maddie joined Blake on the road for a delivery. Understanding how products are packaged, delivered, and presented to our customers is an important part of our business. Maddie helped transport the products and present them as requested at the event.  

She also learned to whip up some frittatas by herself, and will continue practicing her cooking techniques with new dishes. 

Great work everyone! It’s important that our employees continue to develop skills and experience towards their goals despite the uncertain times.  

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