03 Dec
Let’s celebrate International Day of People with Disability 2018

Let’s celebrate International Day of People with Disability 2018

Today is a special day for us as we celebrate the achievements, strengths, and abilities of people with disability all over the world!

As an organisation dedicated to supporting people to achieve their goals, every day is an occasion to celebrate. But today in particular we’re looking back on some incredible people and their inspiring stories of success!

This year’s theme is an important one, as we focus on empowering people with disability and ensuring inclusivity and equality.

We’ve got three such stories of people who’ve worked hard and overcome the challenges they faced. We supported these people in their journey to find meaningful work and pursue their career.

Never say never

Sayed is a man who doesn’t give up. He migrated from Iran to Australia 14 years ago to find a better life for his family, but experienced an accident that left him with a disability.

Sayed carried on despite difficulty finding and maintaining work. He joined us not long after and worked hard to get back into the workforce with support from our Employment team.

Now he’s working at the Balcatta Recycling Shop (BRS) and loves it! Sayed takes care for his family, takes pride in his skills, and is happy to work in an engaging and supportive workplace.

An artist in her own right

Brooke wanted to become an artist and began her art career in 2014 with our support. She found huge success and exhibited her work in a number of exhibitions, including the As We Are Art Awards.

Last year she received a Nexus Art Grant which included one-on-one mentorship with Indigenous elder and artist Millie Penny. With Millie’s support, Brooke explored her Aboriginal heritage through art.

She produced many beautiful artworks inspired by nature and Indigenous culture, including a wall art mural showcased at the opening of our Whittome Community Garden in January this year. We continue to support Brooke as her talent and art career grow.

Pursuing higher qualifications

Harley works at our Fire and Electrical Services in Mandurah and is keen to learn. As part of his NDIS plan, he identified an interest in learning how to operate the mobile lay flat hose test bed.

This complex machinery is only used by our trained technicians to perform pressure tests on lay flat hoses. But Harley excelled at it and mastered the whole process after just six months! He’s now looking to complete a formal qualification to become a certified technician.

Support when you need it

If you want to explore your interests or get support with employment like Sayed, Brooke, and Harley then we’re here to help. You can also find more inspirational stories in our latest news.

Simply contact us on 1800 610 665 or email us here.