05 Feb
Levelling up skills at Fire & Electrical

Levelling up skills at Fire & Electrical

Baily hasn’t stopped learning since he joined us early last year through our Workplace Learning program

Being a team member at Fire & Electrical Services involves sorting, processing, and repairing fire equipment and hoses. This includes the WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), who are under the pump managing bushfires in the South West.  

Our team make sure each hose is in top condition, tested and approved according to the standards, and fitted with the right parts. We supply and repair hoses for over 150 WA fire stations, from Kununurra to Eucla. 

Hoses often need to be patched and cut to the right length. This requires the use of special guillotine strong enough to cut the material. It’s a job that needs specific training to master. 

Baily tackles the guillotine 

Our support team makes sure our employees are working towards their aspirations by discussing any work goals they might have. When we talked to Baily, he said he wanted to learn new skills and operate the guillotine machine. 

To start with, we began by reviewing all the safety checks. It’s important to learn these so that Baily is fully equipped to use the machinery independently.

After working through the Safe Working Procedure and signing off, he was shown how to use it step-by-step. This includes threading the hose through the guillotine and using a two-handed pull to safely pull the handle down and cut the hose. 

Baily showed great listening skills and followed instructions well. He cut eight hoses with support staff watching. We were confident enough for him to try it alone, and he did, cutting another ten. He barely needed any supervision after that! 

Onto the next challenge 

After completing this training Baily showed interest in operating other equipment in the warehouse. Having found success trying new tasks, he’s motivated and determined to gain more new skills.  

We’ll be focusing our training on learning the different equipment over the next few months. Keep up the great work Baily! 

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