06 Dec
Linda steps out into the community!

Linda steps out into the community!

This week, two of our Community Support Officers, Maryann and Chris, share their unique experiences of supporting Linda in the community!

“There’s never a dull moment when you’re with Linda,” says Maryann.

Being in a wheelchair doesn’t stop her from having a great time and sharing her lively sense of humour as she goes on her regular walks or trips to the park. Maryann supports her three hours a week and take her for trips to nearby parks like Whiteman Park or Woodbridge Reserve.

She admits that it took some time for the two of them to get used to each other, but once they did Linda began to feel confident and enjoy the support. Maryann always treated her with the utmost respect and included her in decision-making, and Linda responded to that.

“In that time,” she says, “her personality has come out to shine.”

Chris agrees with her: as one of his first regular supports, he’s seen Linda blossom and grow with the support from Workpower and her home staff.

“The progress she’s made is phenomenal,” he says.

Linda enjoys her afternoon tea!

At the start, Linda would get easily distressed by the environment, but has since been able to remain calm and focussed for longer durations with some CSO assistance. Chris also takes her out to the park where she loves to chat with passerbys, get her nails or hair done at the shops, and enjoy a slice of decadent chocolate cake at the cafe.

With her care plan successfully completed, Linda is happier than ever! She can now look forward to being more social and involved in the community, exploring new locations, and possibly joining in with other participants for outings.

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