03 Jul
Live plastic-free this July

Live plastic-free this July

With July here it’s time to do your part and say no to plastic!  

Due to COVID-19 some restrictions have been put in place to avoid contact as much as possible. This can make it harder for people to refuse plastic.  

However there are still plenty of ways you can take part in this month’s Plastic Free July challenge. Even if you make one small change, you’re still helping to protect our environment, wildlife, and sustainable way of life. 

What can we do? 

Here’s some quick ways to start closing the loop: 

Reuse cups and cutlery 

Many restaurants and cafes no longer allowed the use of reusable items following the pandemic restrictions. However as WA’s situation remains stable many establishments are returning to this practice.  

To take part make sure all reusable items are thoroughly cleaned after each use. This not only keeps you and your family safe but also others at the cafe you visited. 

There are other ways to reuse items when you go out. On your next picnic, avoid single-use plastics and use your existing cutlery. If you’re joining others for a gathering make sure to bring your own utensils and don’t mix with others.  

Shop smart 

Refusing plastic when you shop starts at where you shop. Buying new plastic items only adds to the problem, so close the loop by shopping secondhand or at stores that sell recyclable goods.  

You can find a myriad of pre-loved items from a store like the Balcatta Recycling Shop. And not just clothes and books – you can find: 

  • Indoor and outdoor furniture  
  • Garden tools, plants, tiles, and bricks 
  • Sports equipment, toys, and bikes 
  • Working electronics, appliances, and devices 

See the full list of what we stock here. 

Make beneficial swaps 

Reap the benefits from these small changes: 

  • Instead of liquid soap in containers, choose bar soaps with less packaging 
  • Use biodegradable bin liners, newspaper, or put it in loose 
  • Instead of cling wrap use sealable containers or food wrappers 
  • Go eco-friendly with your personal products 
  • Avoid plastic balloons and other decorations or reuse older ones 
  • Buy loose produce and grab items like bananas, corn, and potatoes unpackaged 

Clean up your local area 

With more and more people out and about in the community, litter has become a growing issue. On your next walk on the streets at the park watch out for any runaway plastic or rubbish.  

Correct disposal means it’s less likely to clog up our oceans or harm our wildlife. You can safely dispose of plastics, including polystyrene, at our recycling centre. 

For more tips check out the Recycle Right and sign up for the challenge online. 

We’re here to support you on your plastic-free journey! Make sure to watch this space for more handy tips and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can find the BRS online as well: Facebook and Instagram