21 May
Lon reaches 20 year milestone with Workpower

Lon reaches 20 year milestone with Workpower

Last month we celebrated a significant milestone for one of Workpower’s most experienced employees. Lon has been with Workpower for 20 years and has seen the organisation grow and evolve in his time. We spoke to him about his extensive career with us. 

Lon and his family moved to Perth from Cambodia 30 years ago. In 2001 he started work at one of our Packaging and Warehousing sites in Bayswater. During his time with us he’s worked at many Packaging locations and moved to his current workplace in Malaga ten years ago. 

Established career in Packaging 

When Lon began his career with us he received training on different tasks and techniques. He’s since taken his skills and knowledge to work on a wealth of different contracts. 

Some of his favourites over the years include compiling fly traps, fishing lures, and headsets. It’s a rewarding experience knowing that these products are used by people throughout the community. 

Key cutting contract 

As one of our most experienced employees, he also custom cuts keys for a contract with Australia Post. Lon puts uncut keys through various machines to cut to the size required. The sharp edges of the keys are then smoothed out before being packed for delivery. 

This is one of Lon’s favourite jobs as he likes working with the complex machinery and focusing on the task ahead of him. He’s happy knowing that he’s helping Australia Post customers access their storage. 

An experienced team member 

Over the years, Lon has worked with many different employees and staff. While he’s said goodbye to old friends over the years, he’s quick to make new ones. Lon is always friendly and welcoming to new members of the team.  

With so much experience, Lon is a great role model for his coworkers. He’s happy to help others when they need a hand. 

Looking back at the last 20 years, Lon has lots to be proud of. He’s learned a diverse range of skills, developed expertise in his work, and built lasting relationships with our team.  

What a milestone achievement. Congratulations Lon! 

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