05 Oct
Lorna’s dog-walking service keeps her busy!

Lorna’s dog-walking service keeps her busy!

Together with her Community Support Officer (CSO) Melanie, Lorna has decided to help out in her local community, and earn a bit of money as well! In this article, we chatted to Melanie about Lorna’s progress so far.

I’ve been supporting Lorna for a year now. One of the goals she identified is getting more exercise, so we experimented with a number of different activities, like going to the gym, swimming, or walking around the neighbourhood.

But then we discovered an opportunity for Lorna to walk the local dogs in her community, and it’s been a big hit so far!

Currently, she has three furry customers and thoroughly enjoys chatting to them as they walk. Lorna loves animals and handles herself well around them. She makes sure the canines are behaving themselves, and sometimes runs along with them!

Working towards her goals

It’s great to see how well Lorna has adopted to her new job. I can see how proud she is for handling the dogs so well and taking on more responsibilities.

She’s also learning to manage her personal finances, which will help her save for the future. Right now she’s saving up the extra money so she can pamper herself at a beauty spa – a well deserved break! Not to mention, she’s out and about, exploring the local area, and interacting with members of the community. It’s been a very positive experience so far.

Lorna also volunteers at the Port Kennedy RSPCA op-shop and helps to sort and organise clothing for resale. She’s made great progress with learning the procedures, and completes her tasks all by herself. It’s wonderful to see Lorna develop a good working relationship with the store manager too. She’s always happy to start her shift and say hello to the other staff on her way in.

Well done Lorna, you’re doing an awesome job and I’m happy to share the experience with you!

We’ve helped many participants, like Lorna, to identify their goals and find opportunities in their local communities. Whether it’s volunteering, exploring community groups, or finding a part-time job, we’re here to help you get you on your way!

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