22 Apr
Maintaining nature reserves for the City of Rockingham

Maintaining nature reserves for the City of Rockingham

Great news – our Property Services will continue to maintain the nature reserves of Tamworth and Lake Richmond in the City of Rockingham this year! Here’s further details about how we look after the area.

Client: City of Rockingham
Period: Ongoing
Location: Rockingham region, nature reserves of Tamworth and Lake Richmond


  • Bushland maintenance
  • Weed control and herbicide application
  • Firebreak management
  • Asset inspections and reporting
  • Removing cotton bush vegetation

Our Mandurah team first received this contract in March 2017 as a joint venture between our Environmental and Property Services. The area we maintained included the Lake Richmond Reserve, Baldivis Reserve, and Karnup Reserve.

A few months later we were asked to remove and dispose of Typha vegetation that had spread around Lake Richmond. This was no easy task but the team enjoyed the challenge and gained new skills from the experience.

We’re now delighted to continue our work at the nature reserves and put our knowledge of the area to good use.

In the last few years we have worked hard to maintain these areas for rehabilitation. This involves clearing fire breaks, remove guards, brush cutting, and herbicide spraying.

Protection against weed growth

A major part of our work focuses on managing weed growth. Consequently, this requires sufficient knowledge in weed identification.

Team members utilised their years of experience to correctly remove cotton bush weed from the area. The team worked hard despite challenges with the traffic and location. Special credit to Wayne, Shane, and Aaron for their strong work ethic.

With direction from the City of Rockingham’s Environmental Supervisor Nathan Leslie, we also developed a comprehensive treatment plan that ensures long-term protection post-removal.

The team will complete these tasks and others over the next few months to ensure the area is well maintained. This includes regular pruning, clearing pathways, and managing fences and guards. We make sure the area remains tidy and safe for visitors to enjoy.

The contract also means that our team gain more experience with a variety of machinery and in weed management.

Our Property Service teams operate across the Perth and Mandurah region. If you’re looking for complete grounds management then contact Craig today at (08) 9375 4930.