30 Aug
Make the most out of your meetings

Make the most out of your meetings

We’ve all got limited time in a working day, and wasting it on a long meeting without a clear purpose is not ideal. If your meetings, seminars, or training courses aren’t giving you the results you’re after, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

How to host effectively

You’ve now planned your meeting or seminar and are ready to get started. But before you begin, keep in the mind the following things:

  • Prep the others – do the attendants have all the information needed for the meeting?
  • Mix it up –include some scheduled breaks, refreshments, or alternate tasks for a change in pace
  • Know the audience – use your knowledge of each person to guide participation and drive discussion
  • Stick to the plan – allocate enough time for each item with a few minutes to spare, and don’t let it run over
  • Get ready to roll with it – be flexible and keep an eye on the flow of the meeting

Reflection and feedback

Sometimes a lot of ground is covered in one seminar session, and you may need to recap. It’s good practice to do a quick summary of the discussion at the end and put down any actions to complete. Repetition will help with understanding and retention.

If you host regular meetings or sessions, it’s helpful to get feedback on ways to improve. Consider asking for feedback afterwards and give options for attendants to tell you privately, in case they don’t feel comfortable sharing with others.

Running a training session but your attendants aren’t engaging? Try turning up the pressure with short evaluations or tests throughout the session.

And remember, if you notice everyone starting to nod off, it’s a good indicator that it’s time for a break! Revive that energy with a short break, quick snack, or a cup of joe.

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