13 Aug
Managing your NDIS plan

Managing your NDIS plan

The NDIS operates on an individualised approach. This means that each participant is given as much choice and control over their own supports as possible.

As a participant, you can:

  • Choose the providers you want
  • Discuss with your provider on how you’d like to receive the support
  • Request to adjust supports and funding
  • Change providers

You also have can also choose how to manage your plan, or your plan budget. Here are the different options:

Agency management

The NDIA will manage your plan on your behalf, and pay your chosen service providers directly.

Plan management

If your plan includes a Plan Manager, the NDIS will pay them directly and they will then pay your chosen providers.


You have the option to self-manage some or all of your supports if you wish. This allows you to:

  • Have full control over your funding
  • Choose individuals and services providers to meet your specific goals
  • Have the ability to negotiate for services and supports that suit you
  • Be in control of making agreements, bookings, and payments with providers

By self-managing, you can choose individuals or service providers that are not registered with the NDIS. This covers any type of support that is incorporated in your NDIS plan.

The process

The self-managing process goes like this:

  1. Choose the individuals or service providers you want
  2. Set up Service Agreements with each one
  3. Set up Service Bookings in myplace Participant Portal
  4. Receive your supports
  5. Request invoices and receipts for your supports
  6. Process Payment Requests through the myplace Participant Portal
  7. Pay your service providers
  8. Keep receipts and records

Are you ready?

To self-manage means you have responsibility over organising service providers and managing your funding. You also need to:

  • Choose services that are reasonable, necessary, and help you achieve your NDIS goals
  • Make agreements with service providers
  • Communicate your terms if you’re not getting the support you need
  • Check your receipts, invoices, and records for any errors

An NDIS representative will check in on as your plan progresses. You will need to keep receipts and records to show that you’ve received and paid for the supports you need.

The next step

If you’d like to find out how you can self-manage some or all of your supports then talk to us today. We can discuss your available options and find one that suits you best.

Contact Teresa Allen at (08) 9445 6525 today. For further information on all things NDIS, head over to our Resources!