16 Aug
Mandurah fire brigade visits our Fire & Electrical Services

Mandurah fire brigade visits our Fire & Electrical Services

Earlier this month members from the Mandurah Fire Station brigade came to visit our Fire & Electrical Services facility. Fire chief Kane Raven and three firefighters came to tour the site and meet the team who ensure their emergency equipment stays in top condition. 

Ensuring fire safety in WA 

We have provided services to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) since 2012, and supply and maintain a range of fire equipment.  

This includes every lay flat hose, coupling, and branch used in fire stations and vehicles across WA.  

Our Fire & Electrical Services Manager Bill Elliott greeted our guests and gave a tour of the premises. He showed them the different areas starting with where equipment is first recorded, inspected, and sorted prior to testing.  

From there each hose is tested and tagged at our fully equipped test bed to industry specifications. This is managed mostly by Harley, who since last year is now a fully qualified technician.  

Afterwards our team complete any necessary repairs and prepare the equipment for delivery. 

“We are committed to maintaining top quality emergency equipment for the state and service over 150 stations from Ecula to Kununurra,” says Mr Elliott. 

“This partnership helps to create employment opportunities for over 15 people with disability, and it’s great for our team to see their hard work in action.” 

The team behind the work 

The Mandurah Fire Brigade were grateful to visit the site and meet the team. They also saw firsthand how their support provides people with disability with opportunities for meaningful employment. Working at social enterprises like Fire & Electrical Services helps them build work experience, expand their capabilities, and become independent. 

After the tour our guests gave team members the opportunity to explore the fire engine. Team members Mark, Harley, Tracy, Cushla, and Jimaime were given a demonstration of each section worked. Jimaime even went for a spin around the block in the off-road vehicle. 

There’s no doubt the visit meant a lot to our team, who now have a greater awareness of the importance of their work. A big thank you to Kane and the firefighters for coming by! 

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