19 Mar
March plant specials now available!

March plant specials now available!

As we head into autumn our Wholesale Nursery is abundant with a wide range of WA native tubestock, rushes, shrubs, and advanced trees! Read on for more about our extensive range and the specials we have on offer.

WA native specialists

Our Wholesale Nursery grows over 1.2 million plants every year for a range of landscaping and rehabilitation projects. These are propagated and grown at our large nursery in Noranda.

We grow over 200 different plant species and specialise in WA natives, in particular those from the Swan Coastal Plain region. Our comprehensive selection covers everything you need to fill your landscape: from tubestock and shrubs to advanced trees.

Native plants are the perfect choice for any vegetation project for many reasons. Not only are they easy to grow and maintain, but are versatile and well accustomed to the climate. WA plants come in a massive range of colours and sizes, and also attract native wildlife to your garden.

This season’s specials

From this month onwards we have plenty of native plants on offer at bargain prices. Our specials include a range of grass, groundcovers, shrubs, and strappy plants.

Species include different types of:

Download our Specials list here.

Our nursery is now fully stocked, so make sure to get your plant orders in ahead of time. Stock is limited and moves fast, so we recommend getting in contact with us as soon as you can. We may also be able to grow other species not listed on request.

For full details on how we can fit your project needs, talk to Alex here or at (08) 9375 4900 today.