18 Apr
Meet Catherine, our cafe queen of carrots!

Meet Catherine, our cafe queen of carrots!

Our 1905 Catering, based in the WA Police (WAPOL) Headquarters, employ a lot of great people. One of them is Catherine, the ‘carrot queen’, and we’ll be sharing her story of her time here and what she enjoys most about her role!

A year of changes

We are celebrating Catherine’s one year anniversary at 1905 Catering. And what a year it’s been.

There’s certainly been a lot of changes lately: the staff moved out of the Newcastle location and into the cafeteria in WAPOL Headquarters just 10 months ago. They now manage the WAPOL cafeteria, named the Blue Bean Cafe, and run their catering business from there.

But big changes have been happening inside the kitchen as well.

Always working hard

Catherine began a year ago with basic clean duties and keeping the work area tidy. She was an incredible help during the move to the cafeteria, and has really stepped up in her role.

She’s now taken on more food preparation, and is nicknamed the ‘carrot queen’ because she’s the most efficient at preparing them for our popular sandwiches. Take a look at her in action!

Ready to learn

Catherine has not only grown into her role, but is exploring new skills. She now accompanies our delivery driver Elio for large orders and helps make sure everything goes well.

Always on time and prepared to work hard, she’s a naturally bubbly and happy person. Catherine is always eager to learn and experience new things. And it’s clear to see how much she’s grown whilst working at the cafe.

Here are some other interesting facts about Catherine that you probably didn’t know: she’s a proud West Coast Eagles fan, loves ten pin bowling, and socialising with friends!

Well done Catherine, and keep up the great work!

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