22 Oct
Melissa gives back to the community!

Melissa gives back to the community!

We’ve received a lovely story from Community Support Officer (CSO) Tracey about supporting one of our participants, Melissa, in her work experience position at the local library!

Preparing for employment

We’ve been supporting Melissa for four years now, and through these years she’s shown incredible growth.

This year, Melissa wanted to focus on getting work. She began with a dog walking business for a trial period. It wasn’t the right fit, so we conducted some research at her local library into programs that would develop and broaden Melissa’s skills.

That’s when we found the Community Visitors Scheme, which involved regular visits to see elderly people who may be socially isolated.

Melissa is a great communicator and currently visits two ladies at the aged care home. She also recently attended a training event for dementia awareness to further grow her knowledge.

Growing her volunteering experience

After such a positive experience, we looked for other opportunities to expand Melissa’s skillset.

We found the Red Cross Telecross program, where volunteers chat to isolated people on the phone. It’s been an amazing experience for Melissa so far.

Some days, Melissa may not feel like going, but once I encourage her and we arrive at the volunteer place, she gets right into it. All she needs is some support and guidance in the right direction.

With her work experience, I believe more employment opportunities will soon open up for Melissa.

Great positive feedback

We also talked to Melissa’s mother, Robyn, who was happy to share her perspective on the support Melissa’s received:

Melissa has gone from strength to strength with such excellent support from the carers.

“Understanding Melissa’s quirks is not an easy task, so being able to understand her and get the most of each outing is a bonus.

I know Melissa enjoys her new volunteer roles and Tracey’s company, as Melissa tells me all about her outings and observations about her support people.

She’s got plenty of energy and needs more useful activities to keep her entertained, so I am grateful that Tracey is working so well with her.”

Keep up the great work Melissa!

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