04 Jun
Music Rocks to light up Badlands Bar

Music Rocks to light up Badlands Bar

Photo courtesy of Music Rocks Australia

You’re set for a real treat as our Music Rocks band return to the stage for their second performance of the year. If you missed their Rosemount show then here’s your chance to get front row seats! 

Our musicians have been practicing hard for months and have rehearsed plenty of new hits to wow the audience. These performances are the perfect opportunity to show off the techniques, skills, and confidence they’ve developed. 

Concert details 

Date: Sunday 30th June 2019 
Time: 11.55am entry, 12.10pm start 
Location: Badlands Bar, Unit 1, 3 Aberdeen Street, Perth 
Price: Tickets are available online at $21.45 adult, $16.35 child, or at the door 

To make sure families and friends don’t miss out, every musician receives one complimentary ticket. Nomination forms will be distributed during rehearsals and need to be completed and returned to class as soon as possible.  

You can also download a form here. Please contact Bithika at (08) 9445 6552 for any inquiries. 

Here’s what you can expect on the 30th!

A musical journey 

Our Music Rocks program is a huge hit with anyone who wants to give music and stage performing a try! 

Every year we give participants the chance to try out different musical instruments, learn techniques, and practice within a professional music studio.  

They experiment with the latest recording technology and sound systems and try out a wide range of instruments. This includes guitars, keyboards, drums, and much more. Performers can practice and perform on stage with the support of our staff and Music Rocks professionals.

For many, this is the first step on their journey towards new hobbies and the skills and knowledge that come with it! 

Want to catch the action? Book your tickets to Badlands Bar now or contact Bithika Kastha at (08) 9445 6552 for more details about our support programs