16 Feb
Native spotlight: the everlasting eucalyptus

Native spotlight: the everlasting eucalyptus

Eucalyptus, melaleuca, allocasuarina, acacia, and grevillea are some of the most common native species found across the nation. The first, known more commonly as the humble gum tree, is the first native in our spotlight series. We’ll give you some fascinating facts on this hardy genus and its key role in Australian nature.

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Part of the Australian bush

Gum trees are everywhere in Australia. As an integral part of the bush, they are known to be reliable and hardy, and a key source of nutrients for native animals. The ability to physically adapt to different soil ratios and water levels helps them survive in extremely harsh conditions.

Did you know?

    • 700 known eucalyptus species are found in Australia
    • They can grow in almost every part of the country, except for rainforests
  • The leaves are the only food source for koalas

Eucalyptus trees have the incredible ability to regrow after a fire. They produce a protective capsule to hold the plant’s seed. This allows the seed to grow again although the trunk and branches have been destroyed.

Native to WA

A number of eucalyptus plants are from Western Australia, and are perfectly accustomed to our specific climate.

The WA native eucalyptus wandoo can be found at our Nursery as seedlings – the perfect start to your drought-resistant Aussie garden!

Overall, all eucalyptus are easy to grow, require little water past the potting stage, and only need to be pruned every summer. Here’s a guide on how to care for them.

Stay tuned as we bring you more handy information about other Australian natives!

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