05 Mar
Native spotlight: the hardy allocasuarina

Native spotlight: the hardy allocasuarina

The next popular Australian native plant on the list is the hardworking allocasuarina. We’ll talk about where you can find these hardy plants and how they’re used for environmental rehabilitation.

Allocasuarina trees and shrubs are known for their soft, thin, jointed branches. Their flowers are little spikes and they produce cones with winged nuts or what is called a samara, a dry winged fruit, inside. When matured, these cones crack open, ready to be collected and replanted.

Did you know?

This species is dioecious – with separate male and female reproductive organs! The female’s cones are round and reddish, while the male’s is a small, long spike.

Good for the environment

This species is well adapted to our harsh Australian climate. It thrives in well-drained soil but can withstand environments with little nutrients. This includes dry inland areas, swamps, coastlines, and riverbanks.

They even contribute to the ecosystem: tests have shown that emus improve their digestion when eating the dry winged fruits!

Allocasuarina are perfect for environmental rehabilitation. Their long-lasting, resistant roots can:

  • Withstand long periods of drought
  • Stabilise weakened soil
  • Prevent future erosion
  • Be salt tolerant
  • Help balance out saline soils
  • Be used as wind breaks

Our Environmental Services specialise in environmental rehabilitation and dune restoration. Using quality stock from our wholesale Nursery, we use Western Australian natives like allocasuarina to nurture the soil back to health.

And if you need more information, here’s a detailed guide for WA Allocasuarina. 

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