12 Mar
Native spotlight: the symbolic acacia

Native spotlight: the symbolic acacia

The fourth native in this week’s spotlight is the stunning acacia! They’re known for their small, delicate flowers and for being our national floral emblem. We can see their flowers in a wide variety of colours throughout the year.

Today we’ll talk about the history of the species, its properties, and how you can grow your own.

A rich heritage

The acacia pycnantha, or golden wattle, is found in Eastern and South Australia and has its own day, Wattle Day, on the 1st September!

There are three reasons why this specific plant was chosen:

  1. The flowers bloom in Australia’s colours of green and gold
  2. The acacia genus is widely spread across the nation and represents unity
  3. Acacia can withstand harsh Australian conditions and represents resilience

This plant also has a history of medicinal use by Indigenous peoples.

Did you know?

  • Out of 1350 known species of acacia worldwide, 1000 originate from Australia! Here’s a list of some of the commonly grown species.
  • You can use every part of the plant: from the seeds, gum, and bark extracts to using the wood for spears and boomerangs!

Acacia is the perfect centre piece for your garden. They come in a wide range of sizes as shrubs and as trees for shade.

With careful pruning, usually right after flowering, you can guarantee flowers all year round. You can find more specifics tips on caring for acacia here.

The perfect addition to your backyard

Our Nursery sells a number of acacia plants, including the acacia saligna, a vibrant shrub or small tree, which works well as a screen or hedge plant.

Check out the full range here!

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