10 Apr
Native spotlight: the unique grevillea

Native spotlight: the unique grevillea

With hundreds of different species, grevillea come as ground covers, small shrubs, hedges, and trees. Their uniqueness lies in their stunning flowers. We’ll give you some handy information on how to plant these in your garden for optimal flowering.

Colour and vibrance

These colourful flowers thrive in warm climates and can grow large, exotic, spider-like flowers that hang outside the plant. This attracts all sorts of insects and birds, especially honeyeaters. The abundant nectar attracts many insects but not so many birds, as they don’t have enough shade.

However, if you plan a garden with a variety of flowering grevilleas you’ll soon find a small hub of animal activity in your backyard!

How to get the best out of your plants

Grevillea and other tubestock are perfect for winter planting, as they can grow during the season and be ready for spring and summer. They are also known to adapt better and suffer less transplant shock than larger plants.

Here’s a video on how to create your own easy-to-manage native garden.

Like other natives, they aren’t picky when it comes to soil or climate. In fact, you can find a species of grevillea to suit any environment. They thrive in most soils and raised beds.

Here’s a list of grevilleas found in Australia. For a comprehensive list of native plants, click here.

Some more tips to care for your grevillea:

  • Remember to keep the plants moist during the establishment stage
  • Don’t let it dry out in the potting stage
  • Use low phosphorus native plant fertiliser

Grevillea thelemanniana is a WA native plant with unique thin leaves and lovely pink flowers that open up towards the sun. You can grab it on special from our Nursery today!

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