17 Oct
Native vs exotic plants

Native vs exotic plants

If you’re a landscaper or commercial developer, choosing the right plants is a big decision that can make or break your final product. While the benefits of WA natives are commonly known, here are some specific reasons why developers choose them over other species for their largest projects.   


The number one factor that allows WA natives to thrive in our climate is their drought-tolerant nature. These species require less water and can survive longer periods of time without watering than exotic species.  

They are bred to last without the need for an irrigation system, which would be a huge cost for any large commercial or revegetation project. On top of that, many native species are naturally fire-resistant or retardant and are more likely to survive bushfires. 

Easy to maintain 

Exotic plants require fertiliser and this can be an ongoing costly expense after the plants have been installed. They also need to be maintained more regularly. Compared to our natives, most species don’t require any fertiliser and are happy to grow on their own with minimal maintenance. 

Good for the environment 

Native species are built to survive the WA climate, while exotic species are not. In the process of using exotics you are likely to damage the environment with ongoing use of pesticides and chemicals. This further degrades soil health and makes maintenance more difficult. 

Natural beauty 

WA natives come in a plethora of stunning colours, sizes, and styles. It’s easy to mix and match different grasses, shrubs, and flowers to create a beautiful and lasting landscape.  

Biodiversity boost 

And last but not least, native landscapes are sustainable and help boost our native wildlife as well. You can expect to see plenty of Australian birds, insects, and other animals attracted to your garden all year round. These plants provide important shelter and nutrients, and preserve our environmental biodiversity for the future. 

If you want your landscape to last, choose natives. If you’re still not sure then here’s some more reasons

A simple choice 

Simply put, WA natives are cost-effective, long-lasting, durable, and beautiful – there’s no reason not to go local. That’s why natives are our specialty at the Wholesale Nursery, where our extensive range has everything you need for a complete native landscape.  

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