01 Jul
NDIS July 2019: the new national price guide

NDIS July 2019: the new national price guide

Each year the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) completes a Price Review which ensures supports remain value for money for the people accessing them. Following the review they released an updated Price Guide which includes a number of important changes to your supports.  

We cover the new price guide, limit increases, and how WA supports will change following the review. We will then follow up with information about how these changes will affect participants, families, and carers. 

One national guide 

From today onwards all NDIS supports in Australia will be provided under a singular national price guide. This includes two parts: 

  • A Price Guide, which holds key policy info about each support 
  • A Price Catalogue, which contains price limits and line item numbers for each support 

You can access them here along with previous price guides. 

Limit increases and changes  

The WA Market Review was conducted in March and invited providers, participants, and stakeholders to provide feedback on the performance of NDIS supports so far. One of the key findings showed that more support is required for delivering services in rural and remote areas. 

In response the NDIS have introduced the following price limit increases and changes as part of their annual review, which will benefit all Australians. They include:

  • Doubled remote (20% to 40%) and very remote (25% to 50%) loading on price limits 
  • A national travel guideline with an increased cap for metro areas (20 to 30 minutes) and regional areas (45 to 60 minutes) 
  • A 4.5% increase for Assistance with Daily Activities and Social and Community Participation supports 
  • 2.1% for capacity building supports which include therapy and support coordination 
  • 1.3% for supports under Consumables, Assistive Technology and Home Modification, and Specialised Disability Accommodation 

Other changes include two levels for therapy assistant supports, clearer guidelines for support cancellations, and non face-to-face supports. See here for the full changes

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