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Being an NDIS nominee or guardian

Being an NDIS nominee or guardian

Some individuals with disability need help to choose and manage their supports. In order for the participant to get the most out of their funding, a guardian or nominee may be involved. This only occurs with the request of the participant or if the NDIA considers absolutely necessary. If you’re a nominee or guardian then this is what you need to know about your role.

The role of a nominee

A nominee is an individual appointed by the NDIA with a duty of care towards the participant. They may be the person’s guardian, or someone appointed by court or panel who is suitable to make those decisions. This means that they will try their best to:

  • determine the participant’s wishes
  • choose the best options for their social and emotional wellbeing
  • make decisions on their behalf

Two types of roles are available, and can be assigned to the same person:

  1. Correspondence Nominee: can provide support and guidance, and has the same ability as the participant except in preparing, reviewing, or changing the NDIS plan and managing funding
  2. Plan Nominee: can do everything, including what the Correspondence Nominee cannot

Specific regulations from the NDIA determine how a nominee is chosen and their role. Each participant’s plan is individualised to their needs, so not every Plan Nominee has full capabilities.

Being a guardian

In most cases, if you’re a guardian of a participant then you’ll be their nominee. Guardians and those in formal caring roles can contact the NDIS on behalf of participants who cannot do it themselves. The NDIS will work alongside guardians to make decisions on their behalf.

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