14 May
NDIS: Supporting families and carers

NDIS: Supporting families and carers

Are you a family member, guardian, or carer of a person under the NDIS? If you’re wondering where you fit in the scheme then don’t worry – the NDIS recognises the important role you play in the lives of those you care for. Here’s some information about the carer’s role and what funded supports you have access to.

Your role as a carer

The NDIS understands that families, carers, friends, and guardians play a critical role in supporting an individual with disability. Often, they can provide the personal support and guidance that external services can’t. One of the NDIS goals is to support the carers to continue their important work.

Depending on the participant’s plan, funding covers supports and services that families and carers need:

  • as a result of the participant’s disability
  • in order to provide sustainable caring and support of the participant
  • in order to maintain their health and wellbeing whilst providing care

The participant’s plan is aimed to support their goals and individual needs, but you may receive indirect support too. These may come in the form of:

  • additional assistance for social occasions
  • training to help you provide better care
  • assistance with daily living tasks

Supports available to you

Direct supports are available to ensure that carers and families are supported to continue caring for others. These can include:

  • participation in support groups or mental health workshops
  • family support or counselling
  • supports that boost the carer’s ability to provide sustainable care eg. domestic or personal care aid
  • continued aid, equipment, transport, or therapy support after changes to the participant’s living arrangements

Supports are also available through the general community services system too. These include family, relationship, and parenting services, and arrangements under the child protection system. If a support is provided through the community system, it won’t be funded by the NDIS.

Have questions about eligibility, what supports are available, or how planning works? Catch up on our NDIS resources.

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