30 Apr
What you need to know about Assistive Technology: Part 2

What you need to know about Assistive Technology: Part 2

Part 2 covers what changed with the NDIA-run NDIS, and how to purchase and manage your supports.

Assistive Technology on the NDIA-run NDIS

From the NDIS trial, the NDIA realised that some participants experienced difficulty accessing supports, and that prices for equipment varied greatly. They are now working closely with each state government to provide support coordination. They’ve also introduced assessment templates to help speed up the process.

Rest assured – if you’re currently on an AT plan on the WA NDIS and it’s in progress, then it won’t be interrupted by your transfer to national NDIS.

It’s important to note that the NDIA operates with a different pricing structure. The categories are different, however, both systems work on a price per hour of a support system. You can read more details in this guide. If you need help understanding how this affects you then feel free to contact us.

Purchasing supports

Low cost and risk equipment under Level 1 need to be purchased by participants themselves through local stores or online.

Other supports can be purchased or provided through the state government AT provider scheme. Participants can also get quotes from private providers, which need to be cleared with the NDIA. Please note that sensory disability supports have their own specialised providers.

  • When purchasing equipment outright, quotes are required for items over $1,000 prior to supply
  • The NDIS will provide a support payment equal to a standard market price for an outright purchase, and the participant will need to cover any payment gap
  • Your funding also includes a portion to cover any maintenance or repair costs

If the participant only needs the equipment for a short period, then they can receive refurbished equipment from the state government or from a private provider. Please note that any maintenance and repair needs to be organised with the equipment provider and not NDIA.

Need more clarification? Take a look at our other NDIS resources.

As certified NDIS Providers, we’re here to help you to achieve the best possible support from your funding. If you have any questions about pricing and what options are available, contact us today here or at 1800 610 665.