19 Apr
New confidence takes Jasper’s design skills to the next level

New confidence takes Jasper’s design skills to the next level

With a little bit of confidence and moral support, 19 year old Jasper Wray has discovered his amazing talent and eye for fashion design.

For a self-confessed homebody, Jasper spending time at home sounded like a better idea than getting out and about, with the idea of large crowds and new people overwhelming.

After starting to receive support from Workpower in 2021, Jasper and his support coach Beth Stone began working on his confidence and began getting out and about. After just two support sessions Jasper attended the a group activity with more than 40 people at Workpower’s end of year cricket match at Kings Park.

And this year has been no different as Beth and Jasper continue to smash goals together, with the biggest one being Jasper’s membership at a sewing club, Falcon E library drop in Sewing!

A love for design was not a surprise after Jasper had completed graphic design at school.

The Club has helped Jasper blossom, supporting him in his designs as well as seeing so much potential that they gifted him with a sewing machine to encourage his creativity.

“At sewing club I get to do my favourite things with a design like stitching techniques, colours, upcycling. Together with my support coach, we brainstorm ideas to see if they will work out,” Jasper said.

“I’m looking forward to getting out in the community more and getting involved in more activities since joining the sewing club and trying new art mediums like bleaching and painting.”

His sewing club has not only helped to grow Jaspers’s talent, but they have also helped Jasper to become more social and outgoing around other people and in group settings.

He now has the confidence to chat with the members of the group independently, especially when others ask a question or speak to him. This is a huge step for Jasper, who had previously shied away from the conversation.

“Jasper has brought a breath of fresh air,” Kerry, a friend from sewing said.

“We are all amazed not only at his sewing abilities but he also makes an amazing batch of melting moments.”

Together with Beth, Jasper uses his budgeting skills and visits Op Shops to purchase clothes that he then takes to the sewing club and turns into a brand new creation.

One of his latest designs uses a corset and denim jacket combined to become a fashionable one of kind jacket sold for $60 after Beth displayed it on her Facebook page after Jasper agreed to sell it.

Workpower’s individualised supports

From the beginning of Jaspers’ journey with Workpower, it was important to sit down and identify what he was wanting to achieve through his supports and in his life.

For Jasper, one of these goals was to feel comfortable in his own skin, especially as he goes through the gender transitioning process.

“Jasper has grown so much already, chatting to others at sewing club, even if is just short answers,” Beth said.

“He is always open to ideas and is willing to give it a go. We’re always on the lookout for the next thing that will give him inspiration.”

Already Jasper’s confidence has grown leaps and bounds and it is important to celebrate these achievements.

“I am enjoying seeing Jasper’s growth in going out into his community and watching such a talented young man discover who he is and see his artistic self emerge,” Beth said. 

“Jasper has a unique way of looking at fashion and has a creative eye and it’s inspiring to see it grow. When you are doing something you enjoy, success will follow.”

Beth’s not only helping Jasper feel more comfortable to be who he is, but is also helping to develop life skills like budgeting when shopping for fabrics, clothes, and other materials, giving Jasper the independence to make his own decisions and spend his own money on what he would like.

Workpower Support Coaches

Workpower employs more than 160 support coaches across our community and employment supports to deliver individualised services and support to ensure customers and their families can achieve their goals and live the life they wish to.

For Jasper, Beth has been an important part of his journey and has been integral to the nurturing and growth of his creativity.

“Beth is easy going and we have a good laugh,” Jasper said.

“This makes going out to places less stressful for me.”

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