31 Aug
New motor penalties for mobile users

New motor penalties for mobile users

As of 1st September, the Road Safety Commission will introduce tougher penalties for mobile phone use while driving a car.  

Driver distraction is a major risk on WA roads and growing every year. In 2019, 31 casualties were due to inattention at the wheel. This is a 48% increase in average compared to the last five years.  

Using your phone while driving is not only dangerous for you and those in your car, but deadly to everyone on the road. And now you can expect to pay more than ever for your selfish behaviour.  

New penalties 

The existing consequences for using your phone while driving will see you lose $400 and 3 demerit points for: 

  • Using your phone while driving 
  • Recording or watching video messages 
  • Reading or writing text messages or emails 

From now on, if you’re caught doing any of these things you will lose: 

  • $500 and 3 demerits for touching your mobile during a call 
  • $1,000 and 4 demerits for reading or creating any text, email, social media, photo, or video  

Remember, these penalties apply to everyone. To find out more, go here.  

How do I use my phone legally? 

Sometimes you need to use your phone while in the car. To do this, we recommend using a mounting device to securely hold your phone and make sure it’s attached to your car. 

Use voice activation on your phone to give commands without touching your device. You can also use Bluetooth or a headset. When using a Workpower vehicle, check to see if you can use any hands-free features before you drive so that you can safely use your mobile on the road. 

Important things to remember: 

  • You are allowed to touch your phone only to receive or end calls on a securely mounted phone 
  • To use the GPS, set up your route before you start driving and ensure you can use it without touching the screen 
  • Do not touch your phone to adjust navigation while driving – this is illegal 
  • Make sure your volume is up so you can clearly hear any cues from your phone, or sync to Bluetooth 
  • Driver distraction kills: if you don’t need your phone, put it away

Being safe on the road is important to us, and we encourage our staff and community to know the rules and abide by them.

If you’d like to know more about how we take care of our people then contact us today.