11 Apr
New opportunities open for our admin team

New opportunities open for our admin team

It’s never a dull moment for DAAP! We say goodbye to two members who have moved onto new opportunities, and hello to some new faces.

Farewells and welcomes

Working at the HMAS Stirling is a highly rewarding experience. Not everyone gets a chance to work with a close-knit team on a Defence base and meet new people everyday. The experience helps develop their confidence and capabilities, which opens doors to more opportunities.

We say farewell to two of our hardworking members who’ve done just that. All the best for your future careers! At the same time, we’re excited to welcome two new faces onboard.

Both new employees have previous experience in administration and are looking to further develop their skills. In these few months they’ve picked up a number of our jobs with ease and are quickly adjusting to the rest.

With their enthusiasm for learning it’s only a matter of time before they’re confident in all tasks. Their drive is so infectious that it’s spread to the rest of the team too.

“It’s truly rewarding to see our employees so satisfied with their role at DAAP, and observe the new skills they learn everyday,” says one of the supervisors, Kelly.

“The unique opportunities presented to them on HMAS Stirling keep that fire burning!”

Creating employment pathways

With seven different social enterprises across Perth and Mandurah, we look to create opportunities for career development. We make sure to check in with your goals and support you if you’d like to try something new.

For example, one of our new members came to us from our Packaging & Warehousing division. And we farewelled another who wanted to pursue a new pathway at Fire & Electrical Services.

When you join with us, you can trial supported employment at any of our sites. If later on you’d like to change direction, we’re happy to accomodate.

Get in touch today and see where employment with us can take you! Call 1800 610 665 or email us here.