14 Sep
New sensory art workshops for WCSESC!

New sensory art workshops for WCSESC!

Providing support for students and schools has always been important to us. Which is why we’re thrilled to expand our recreational supports like never before! Introducing our new specialist art and sculpture workshop for the students at the West Coast Secondary Education Support Centre (WCSESC)!

Read on for details about our exciting new program and how the students have blossomed into artists since their first lesson.

Engaging the students

The six-week Introduction to Sculpture workshop began in August and each week’s workshop is structured to allow the students to explore their individual art style.

They learned two different sculpture mediums, paper and clay, and were taught a variety of techniques for each one. At the end of the program, they will each produce one paper and one clay sculpture, utensil or piece of crockery to showcase to their friends and family!

Our Program Development Manager, Bithika Kastha, introduces each technique with a step-by-step demonstration and explains how different mediums create different results. Once the demonstration is complete, the rest of the lesson was for individuals to experiment themselves.

Students are invited to choose their techniques and materials and make decisions about what type of artwork they want to create. This is an opportunity to not only take pleasure in doing art, but to work towards something to be proud of.

Developing life skills through art

The workshops are hands-on with lots of immersive sensory activity. But it’s not just art techniques they’re taking on board.

The artwork itself is basically a tool we’re using to develop critical life skills.

This workshop, like our Intro to Performing Arts, is a medium for growth. The flexible lessons are broken down into small tasks that allow students to develop their:

  • Art appreciation and creativity
  • Concentration, memory and listening
  • Fine motor skills and coordination
  • Patience and awareness of the environment

Suffice to say, it’s a massive success with the students so far. Even school staff are surprised by how relaxed and engaged they are!

We’re delighted to provide these supports to more individuals at WCSESC. And following the great popularity of our Art and Performing Arts workshops, we hope to find more opportunities to expand. Stay tuned for more updates on this workshop!

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