19 Sep
New spring stock available!

New spring stock available!

Our nursery has updated their stock availability and price list just in time for spring!

We’ve got a wonderful range of grasses, shrubs, and advanced trees available for purchase at premium prices.

A number of specials are available, such as the Banksia nivea going for $2.50 each, and the lovely Scaecola aemula Blue pictured above, selling at $3.00 each!

Check out our new seedling and stock availability lists below!

Workpower – Wholesale Nursery seedling stock September 2017 Workpower – Wholesale Nursery stock September 2017

Workpower’s wholesale nursery remains Western Australia’s leading wholesaler of native rushes, sedges, and the Ozbreed brand of drought tolerant strappy leaf plants. We are also accredited through the Nursery and Garden Centre Scheme. Our pride lies in our commitment to quality management, a comprehensive range of stock, and established expertise for over 20 years.

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