03 Jun
Nick becomes a published author!

Nick becomes a published author!

Across our organisation we’re lucky to meet and work with some incredible people everyday. People like Nick, a creative thinker and budding author who works in our Property Services team!

He published not one but three short stories in an anthology, now available online! Nick talks about his passion for writing and his exciting journey towards publishing his own creative work.

A passion for words

I first started writing a diary in high school and enjoy expressing myself through words and sharing my story. In 2014 I joined the Creative Writing Group at Neami Mandurah and learned to write short stories and complete writing exercises.

With the help of staff and other members, we published an anthology called Did we really write this? A JOC Anthology. It features stories of love, loss, and overcoming adversity, and includes three of my own stories. They are:

  • “McFly saves the day”: this is based off my dog and includes a tale about how dogs in Chile have extraordinary senses
  • “Finding the spark”: a story about two friends coming together on a journey to find a specific rock material
  • “Love and its consequences”: a tale of forbidden love between a cat and a donkey

The book is available for purchase online in hardcopy.

My journey with Workpower

I joined Workpower in 2008 and currently work at Mandurah Property Services. The bonds I have with the people I work with and those from Neami mean a lot to me. We all shared experiences with mental health conditions and treat each other with respect.

During my time here I’ve grown close to the team and staff, and completed a Certificate II in Horticulture with my friend David.

Along with writing fiction, I also write and produce covers and original songs. In the future I want to record my music at a recording studio and share it with others.

Through my stories and music I aim to help people who are also dealing with experiences of mental health.

Wonderful work Nick, it’s great to see the results of your hard work and growth in writing skills. Best of luck in your future creative endeavours!

To finish, we want to take a moment on this special WA Day to thank our employees, participants, customers, staff, and supporters who have chosen us to create new opportunities for people with disability.

For more information about the Anthology and how to buy a copy, you can contact Property Services at (08) 9375 4930 or through email. For more info about us, email or call 1800 610 665 today.