08 Jan
Nursery gives back to local community

Nursery gives back to local community

From time to time our Wholesale Nursery ends up with more plants than we need. These excess plants are sometimes taken to Balcatta Recycling Shop, but otherwise they need to be discarded.  

However we knew there had to be a more sustainable option. And that’s when we found a way that would simultaneously put the plants to good use and support the community. 

Partnering with The Salvation Army 

Our Nursery Production Coordinator Upul got in contact with an acquaintance, Julie, who volunteers at the Salvation Army Harry Hunters Rehabilitation Centre. We had previously provided them with several excess plants, and so he asked her if she would be interested in taking more. 

Julie was delighted and very grateful for the offer. The plants donated by Workpower were initially used to fill their garden which they refer to as the Community Garden of Hope.  

Maintained by the residents, it’s a space for them to garden and cultivate horticultural skills. The garden also acts as a healing space for the recovery of residents living with addiction.  

The Salvation Army staff and residents were invited to pick up much needed plants for their garden. While they were at the Nursery we gave them a tour and showed them all the blossoming flowers and shrubs on offer.  

The residents were highly impressed by what we produced and very thankful to be able to fill their garden with our natives. Here’s some feedback we received. 

“We wish to say a big thank you [to Workpower] for so generously donating plants to help enhance the environment at Harry Hunters,” says Julie. 

“They have brought so much joy to the residents, who have enjoyed the experience of planning. Planting [in the garden] has had a very positive impact on them all.” 

“Once again I would personally like to thank Upul for his help and support. And thank you all at Workpower for enabling us to continue this great work in our community.” 

The Nursery team were pleased to help the residents revitalise their garden and glad to make a difference. 

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