10 Feb
Online supports return!

Online supports return!

Now that restrictions have eased from last week, we are transitioning into our community supports by offering virtual groups sessions.  

These supports provide opportunities for the Workpower community to come together safely and have a memorable time. Below are the sessions available this week: 

Monday and Tuesday: Performing arts and Fitness and movement session 

Wednesday: Dance party 

Thursday: Games session 

Friday: Singing workshop 

Register for a session here.

After the first two days of online supports we’ve received great feedback from our community. Over 25 people with disability have attended so far, with more signed on for the rest of the week. 

After last weeks’ restrictions these online sessions have allowed us to: 

  • Have fun and reconnect with others  
  • Be active and exercise 
  • Express ourselves through dance and music 
  • Build acting and singing skills 
  • Spend time together as a group 

It’s important during these uncertain times that we continue doing things we enjoy, working on our goals, and spending time with others. 

Sessions are held by our experienced and multi-talented support team. They can be accessed wherever you are through a computer or device: at home or in the community.  

You can also join us with a support worker from Workpower, another service provider, or by yourself. 

Don’t miss our final sessions for this week: book your spot today!


For more information about our virtual supports, contact Nat Katsaros. 

At Workpower we offer support to suit your interests, needs, and goals. Our online supports are just one of the ways we support people with disability.  

You can receive one-on-one support to do an activity, or join one of our various group programs. The choice is up to you. 

What to get started? Contact us at 1800 610 665 or on email for more info!