23 Oct
Opening doors to open employment

Opening doors to open employment

We recently supported a young job seeker Julien to secure a brand new, customised role working at St John of God Health Care (SJOG)! Here’s how our team helped them make the perfect match. 

The right fit 

Julien decided to explore new career opportunities through our Customised Employment program after school. This is one of the Individual Employment supports available under Capacity Building funding that helps people Find and Keep A Job.  

Our support team worked with him through the Discovery Process to map out areas he wanted to work in which includes administration. From here we reached out to SJOG to identify any areas in their organisation that could be more efficient. They discovered a need for data entry assistance, which is perfectly suited for Julien! 

 It’s a terrific match that benefits both SJOG and Julien. He now has a pathway to open employment, gaining work experience, and developing his career. 

Julien gets comfortable in his new office corner!

Data entry support 

Since early September Julien has helped SJOG staff enter data in their eCredentials project. This involves transcribing information into a specific format and using critical skills to review data. 

Julien is a quick learner and relies less on references to finish tasks on his own with each day. He’s learned to collaborate well with his supervisor and team and enjoys working in the office. 

This position has not only helped him grow his skills but make a smooth transition into working life after school. It’s a big step towards building a career he wants. Congratulations Julien and keep up the terrific work!  

We’ve supported many people to find work that suits them through Customised Employment. Want to see what opportunities are available to you? Contact us at 1800 610 665 or on email for more.