26 Jul
Our customers have spoken

Our customers have spoken

Customers across our supported employment and community programs provided rave reviews as part of a two-week online feedback survey to help us improve our service delivery and offerings.

Feedback was provided across a number of areas including whether customers feel like they’ve been given choice and control, how well services have been run, communication and whether they feel our team has the right NDIS knowledge to support them.

Workpower CEO Lee Broomhall said the feedback received was a great result and an indication of how our growing team continues to adapt to external challenges such as COVID.

“The results were overall extremely positive and we’ve had some really excellent feedback from customers and their parents about how our service is helping them to achieve their goals,” said Lee.

“We’ve also listened to the feedback and are working hard on the areas where our customers have identified areas where we can do better.”

“I’d like to say a very kind thank you to all of our customers who provided us feedback to help us continue growing and supporting them to the best of our ability.”

The results speak for themselves

Our customers rated us:

  • 4.3 out of 5 stars for our customer service
  • 93% on our NDIS knowledge
  • 94% on whether they were likely to recommend our services
  • 92% for choice and control in supports
  • 97% for respect of privacy, values and beliefs
  • 87% for perfect amount of communications

Where we’re looking to improve on:

  • Making workplaces even more engaging and interesting
  • Skill development across each individual customer
  • Communication with customers at all levels
  • Availability of Support Coaches

And the comments we received were even better

A number of customers left written comments which sum up the service they receive from Workpower:

“Very good history I’ve had a good working relationship with Workpower and have always found them to be very supportive and my son enjoys working there.”

“My son often speaks about his day at work and will talk about the people who have supported him during the day.”

“Providing a safe and structured place for [our son] and being very accepting of his loud singing. [Provides] visual aids.”

“For us as a family we are extremely pleased with Workpower”

Ongoing feedback

Everyone has the right to provide feedback to Workpower regarding the delivery of our services, or in connection with our services. We want to hear from you when things go right, but also when something isn’t right or if we can improve.

This online survey will be open to customers twice per year, but in the meantime if you’d like to provide feedback, visit https://workpower.com.au/feedback/