15 Feb
Our new customer management system

Our new customer management system

As the needs of our customers evolve, the services we provide and how they are delivered have also evolved to fit these needs.  

In order to deliver the highest quality supports we can, we’re now implementing a new and efficient customer management system. Find out below how these changes affect staff and families. 

An all-in-one system 

Our new system, called MYP, combines all the tasks required in order to coordinate and deliver your services. This includes the customer intake process and assigning and coordinating your support worker and support sessions. 

Through this system we can manage all customer details, documentation, and funding securely. Our support staff can check on a customer’s file and make notes and reports on the go. This means better efficiency, accuracy, and higher quality documentation. 

Setting and achieving goals 

Another great aspect of the new system is that it’s driven by the goals of the people we support.  

Our staff will be able to track a customer’s progress and what they want to work on with ease. By using a goal library system we ensure that we can support them every step of the way. 

Open access to MYP 

And while MYP makes things simple for our staff, it’s also great for customers. Workpower stakeholders and customers will receive a login that can be used to access the system. From there you will be able to view your documents and track the progress of your supports at any time.  

Open access to our processes allows you to tell us what’s working and what’s not, so you get the supports you need. 

We are in the process of launching MYP and training our staff to operate the system effectively. You will receive further information about MYP access at a later date.  

If you have any questions about MYP and our processes, feel free to contact us on email.