27 Apr
Our nominee… Community Programs Performing Arts support team!

Our nominee… Community Programs Performing Arts support team!

The Disability Support Awards recognise and celebrate people who provide support to the highest standards possible, to increase the quality of life and inclusion of people with disability in Western Australia.

Our nominees for 2017 are…

Rob Browne 
For the category of ‘Excellence in Leadership’


The Community Programs Performing Arts support team
For the category of ‘Excellence in Improving Participation’

Sonni Byrne, Program Facilitator of Performing Arts support, reflects on the achievements of our Performing Arts participants and what it means for the team to be nominated.

What a joy it is to be nominated for this award!

2016 marked Community Programs third year of Performing Arts classes, with most participants returning each year and many new ones joining us along the way.  The classes have been embraced by participants and staff alike, and among our participants we have seen a marked increase in self-confidence, expression, creativity, involvement, teamwork, socialisation, speech and language, not to mention enjoyment!

2016 was no exception, with our end of year show, ‘Grease!’, a huge success.  Our participants had so much fun and performed with aplomb! Our audience, consisting of family, friends and stakeholders, was thrilled and full praise for their loved ones and for the show.  Such a wonderful occasion!

We are very grateful to Sara McPherson for this nomination, along with the management team who I’m told enthusiastically supported it.  The Performing Arts team worked tirelessly on the ‘Grease’ show, with many, many hours spent out of work on props, costumes, set design and construction, whatever needed to be done.  The nomination is in recognition of these efforts, as well as the positive outcomes achieved for participants.

Of course, we do what we do because we care for our participants and we love to see them thrive and flourish, being nominated for this award is a wonderful validation of our efforts and dedication to our participants.  I’m very proud of the teamwork we’ve displayed and the varied talents the team members have selflessly contributed to make the Performing Arts program, and the end of year show, so successful.

The Performing Arts program continues this year.  Stay tuned for news on our 2017 end of year show!

Congratulations to the Community Programs Performing Arts support team, and to all the nominees heading to the awards this Saturday!

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