01 Aug
Our winter plant sale is here!

Our winter plant sale is here!

Each year our Wholesale Nursery grows over 350 native rushes, sedges, groundcovers, shrubs, and advanced trees – everything you need for your landscape or revegetation project. See what’s on offer this month! 

Winter sale on all stock 

This is the month to sort out all your greenstock needs for the year! Save 15% off our current stock for orders placed and delivered this month. Our August selection includes over 50 unique WA native plants to choose from, like: 

  • Wetland rushes and sedges like the Cyperus gymnacaulos (nutrient stripping basins) 
  • Strappy leaf options like Orthrosanthus polystachys (landscape) 
  • Durable and versatile species like Lomandra longifolia Tanika (landscape) 
  • Beautiful flowering plants like Grevillea preissii Mini Marvel (landscape) 

See full details on our current stocklist.  

We also have a large tree farm in Wanneroo which offers over 90 tree species in sizes ranging from 12 to up to 200 litres. 

Prices are provided on application, and valid for this month only. We cannot hold stock and all orders must be delivered or picked up by 30th August 2019. 

Working to your requirements 

Our specialty lies in WA natives, and we have something to suit any landscape, climate, and design. This includes groundcovers, shrubs, rushes, Ozbreed strappy leaf plants, and advanced trees. They come in a number of sizes with large quantities available. 

If you’re looking for something special or have specific requirements for your development, we can help. We are able to grow plant species to order so get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.  

Our expert green team supplied and installed greenstock for various large commercial projects like Yagan Square and the Northlink WA. Here’s more projects we’ve worked on. 

Sale ends 30th August, so don’t miss out! Place your order via email or by calling (08) 9375 4900 today.