25 Oct
Out and about with Workpower Catering

Out and about with Workpower Catering

We’ve received an influx of catering orders lately, which means more opportunities for team members to help out and learn new skills. We catch up with what the Catering crew have gotten up to in the last month! 

On the road

With our expanding customer list we’re now travelling to various different locations across the Perth metro area. With this many deliveries our team members John, JD, and Catherine have stepped in to assist.  

Each have helped load platters onto the delivery crates and then pack up the van. They came along for the delivery and assisted in unloading, which helps us get back to the kitchen in time for the next order!  

It was a great opportunity for John, JD, and Catherine to get out and about and experience the delivery process firsthand. They now have a better understanding of the result of all the work they do in food preparation. And from the looks of things they all enjoyed being on the road! 

Front-of-house duties 

Maddison and Catherine expressed interest in helping out at the Blue Bean Cafe.  

This is the cafeteria we manage for the WA Police headquarters staff and visitors. Every day we prepare a range of breakfast, lunch, and snack options, along with fresh barista coffee. 

In the last few weeks, Maddison and Catherine helped our front-of-house team Blake and Kim to prepare customer orders. This includes using the sandwich press, preparing sauces, and plating orders as needed. They learned about the ordering process, how payment works, and built their customer service skills. They also got to engage more with the customers.

We also have a new team of baristas-in-training! Almost everyone had a go on the espresso machine in the last few weeks, which requires a certain training to use. JD recently completed a foundation course while the others learned the basics from Kim and Blake.

Another impressive skill to build over the next few months – keep up the good work everyone! 

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