28 May
Packaging & Warehousing moves to a new Belmont home

Packaging & Warehousing moves to a new Belmont home

Following some recent changes to our business, we have decided to relocate our Belmont Packaging & Warehousing operations to another location.   

On Monday 26th May 2019 we officially moved into our new Belmont home, just around the corner at 99 Robinson Avenue, Belmont

What happens now? 

Our team have worked hard to ensure that there were no significant changes to operations during the move. We continue to make every effort to ensure that our customers continue to receive the same outstanding service during this time.  

We are currently working to transfer our phone system to the new location, and will provide an update once complete. In the meantime, please contact either Alem or Eoin directly for any queries or concerns regarding our relocation: 

Alem Abraha 
Belmont Supervisor 
0417 188 364 

Eoin McConnon 
Belmont Contracts Manager 
0438 965 861 

A commitment to quality 

Our Packaging & Warehousing business has provided quality packaging services for over 25 years. To assist in managing your projects we also offer complimentary services like warehousing, inventory, stock management, and distribution. That’s why we’re the trusted service provider for many businesses and local and state governments. 

With three locations in Malaga, Belmont, and Bibra Lake we customise our services to fit your business. In addition to packaging, we can work with you to deliver your products from start to finish. 

You can read about our latest projects and news, or see more info about our range of industry services. Get in touch with us today at 1800 610 665 or on email for more.