13 Jul
Peak season starts early at the Nursery!

Peak season starts early at the Nursery!

2020 has certainly been a turbulent year so far, with the pandemic affecting almost all areas of our everyday lives. It has also made an impact on our Wholesale Nursery business and employees. 

However, in the last few months the green team showed great teamwork as they faced early rains and one of their busiest revegetation periods!  

An early start 

With plenty of rainfall for the last few weeks, the team prepared for an early start to our peak winter season.  

This year we’ve already received a significant amount of plant orders for a variety of commercial and government developments. With a lot of work ahead of us, we’ve pulled together to meet the challenge head-on. 

As a team we dispatched almost 310,000 plants since March – with another 300,000 expected by August! 

This is an incredible effort achieved by the strong drive, skills, and capability of our experienced employees.  

Extra training 

One of the factors that led to our increased productivity is the additional training our team members have put to good use. 

In preparation for the planting season, the support team worked with our employees to add new skills to their daily routine. This includes: 

  • Learning to ride the quad bike  
  • Using different processing equipment 
  • Organising and managing small dispatch teams 
  • Performing checks and signing off after each stage 

With the extra practice, our team members are fully prepared to work efficiently and meet customer demands. 

Keeping fit and engaged 

During the period of restricted social distancing, we put our weekly Fitness Friday team activities on hold. Instead we arranged individual games, which included a hoola-hoop challenge.  

Everyone had fun giving it a go, getting active, and practicing their skills. These interactive activities have helped our team stay connected and have fun together. 

The Wholesale Nursery is one of many social enterprises we operate that provide opportunities for people with disability to work towards their goals.  

If you’d like to find out more then get in touch at 1800 610 665 or on email. To place an order at the Nursery, you can contact the team here or at (08) 9375 4900.