30 Jul
Performing Arts 2019: empowerment through art

Performing Arts 2019: empowerment through art

Empowerment is the name of the game this year! Program facilitator Sonni Byrne tells us how each performer is challenging themselves to build new skills.

Collaboration and discussion 

The Performing Arts team is well on its way into rehearsing for this years’ annual performance!  

Discussion for this years’ show started early – in fact, not long after we wrapped up Once Upon A Time! We did this to provide everyone the time to think about what they’d like to build on.  

Everyone was asked what topic they’d like to explore and favourites were discussed before we agreed on a theme. Our support workers also contributed great ideas and worked closely with each performer to help them clarify what they wanted. 

This process is critical to our program as it gives everyone the chance to develop ideas, think creatively, and express themselves.  

It’s been a wonderfully collaborative journey so far – everyone has a say, and everyone is heard. 

Taking the lead 

Last year each performer chose their characters and helped create scenes which were integrated into the production story. But this year they’ve taken it to a whole new level.  

Unlike last year each performer chose their own solo or group performance. But in addition to this, they came up with staging ideas too!  

Performers are making their own decisions about: 

  • Dance moves and acts 
  • Costumes and props 
  • Stage direction, and even lighting!  

Not only does everyone understand what makes a good performance, but can express their preferences and what they want to showcase. Just last week they split into small groups and invented unique games to teach others. It was great to see each person showcase their leadership and creativity. They all did a fantastic job! 

Many of the group have been with us for several years now and during that time expanded their skills and confidence. Even our new members have quickly stepped up to the challenge.

The countdown begins!

While we can’t share this years’ theme just yet, we can say that the big show is set for early November 2019. Keep your eye out for further updates shortly! 

For more info about our performing art programs or the show, contact us at 1800 610 665 or through email.