13 May
Philip makes gains with a new fitness routine

Philip makes gains with a new fitness routine

2019 is the year to smash those fitness goals, which is what Philip aims to do with a structured gym routine. Together with his CSO Glen he’s been working hard to exercise and eat healthy, and is already seeing some great results!

We get more details about his goals, routine, and progress so far.

Setting an exercise goal

As part of his NDIS Plan, Philip has decided to establish some healthy habits and improve his fitness. With the help of his Community Support Officer (CSO) Glen, he’s come up with a number of goals to focus on.

These are to:

  • Improve his posture
  • Increase muscle mass and weight
  • Learn about muscle training and be able to train independently

To achieve these goals, Glen helped Philip to design a tailored exercise program that targets his full range of muscles. He now goes to the YMCA Gym in Morley three days a week. Each session he focusses on a different muscle group: either chest and arms, shoulders and back, or legs.

Through this exercise routine, Philip aims to build confidence in his abilities as well as his physique.

No pain, no gain

Look at all that hard work!

Since the start of the program, Philip has put 100% into his sessions. He hasn’t complained once despite the challenging tasks assigned to him, and is always willing to give new exercises a shot.

It’s early days but he’s already noticing improvements in his strength and muscle gain! The routine has also helped him become mindful about healthy eating. As a result, Philip made adjustments to his dietary intake in order to build more muscle mass.

Suffice to say, Glen is impressed by Philip’s determination. Despite the physical challenges he faces, he never gives up and enjoys working towards his fitness goals.

Philip’s family have also noticed the change and are in full support of his fitness activities.

Keep up the great work and dedication, Philip! It’s only a matter of time before you smash those fitness goals.

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