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Since 1992, Workpower’s Wholesale Nursery is a leading supplier of high quality greenstock for WA businesses.

We propagate and grow over 1.2 million plants each year, including WA native tubestock, wetland rushes and sedges, drought tolerant OzBreed plants, and mature trees.

Our speciality lies in supplying large quantities of WA natives, particularly those in the Swan Coastal Plain region. We plant, propagate, and grow plant stock for commercial purposes at our premises just off Benara Road in Noranda.

With over 25 years’ experience, we are fully accredited by the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia (NIASA).

Our Nursery has the size and expertise to supply all your needs – quickly, comprehensively, and cost effectively. Browse our entire range here.

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What we offer

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  • Ozbreed Australian Native Plantsmore info

Western Australian Native Plants

Each year our nursery produces around 200 species of commonly used trees, shrubs, and groundcovers.

The WA native stock is most commonly supplied in 50mm pots, however tree tubes and larger pots are available on request. Please refer to our seasonal plant list for the details of stock items.

We are also able to grow species not listed as special orders, with price provided on application. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

See our full range here.


Sedges and Rushes

We are Perth’s first specialist wetland nursery.

The supply of high quality rushes and sedges is a priority for us. We routinely stock around 15 commonly used rush and sedge species. Others are available on special order if required.

Our rushes and sedges are grown from seed, division, or tissue culture. Stocks are available in a number of pot formats including cell, tree tube, 50mm pot, flawra-ej, 1.2ltr, and bare root or mats.

See our full range here.

Ozbreed Australian Native Plants

Ozbreed’s strappy leaf plants are revolutionising landscape design.

The Ozbreed range ensures you have access to a full line of drought tolerant, low maintenance plants suited to a wide variety of uses. Ozbreed plants need less water and maintenance and bring unique looks, colour, and form to your landscape.

See our full range here.

Quality is the top priority

We practice a minimum use pesticide application program for insecticides and only spray when required. Pesticide applications are determined using integrated pest management strategies to reduce the risk of resistant pathogens developing within the nursery.

Greenstock is kept weed free through the controlled use of pre-emergent pesticides with follow-up hand weeding as required. Perimeter weed control strategies are used to reduce contamination from non-propagation areas of the nursery.

All our practices are fully accredited through the Nursery and Garden Centre Accreditation Scheme. We also adopt the latest best practice recommendations from the NGIA.

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We’ve got you covered

With over 50 staff across four locations from Midland to Mandurah, we have the full spectrum of products and services you need. We cover you from project planning to ongoing maintenance until handover.

For large projects, we can provide a comprehensive, convenient, cost-effective solution. Our Environmental and Property Services are ready to help out with all your garden and property needs.

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