06 Aug
Pradeep supports people and plants to thrive at the Nursery

Pradeep supports people and plants to thrive at the Nursery

Pradeep is in charge of training and supervision at Workpower’s Wholesale Nursery, and supports people with disability to develop skills and thrive in their careers. He plays a key role in ensuring that his employees, and the native plants they grow, thrive and develop.

All it takes is a lot of drive and a little support and anyone can achieve anything. For our supported employees at Noranda Nursery what many of them want to achieve is to ride the quadbike.

Building skills on the quad bike

Four of the 20 employees at the Nursery are already fully qualified and able to independently take the quad bike out for a spin. Another four people are in training and set to take the qualification test shortly.

That training and support falls to Nursery Supervisor Pradeep Neupane, who has been part of the team for eight years.

“We train our team – we read the safety manuals first and once confident on the questionnaire, we start getting everyone to practise,” said Pradeep.

“It’s a long process but the team have done really well.”

Taking the time to learn a new skill helps to build confidence, but that’s not all. While quad biking is a whole lot of fun it also provides our employees the opportunity to gain valuable employment experience. This helps them thrive in confidence and gain new meaning to their work.

“We ensure our team feels more independent. They feel valued, they earn money as well, contribute to their families, and pay their bills. Which is something, I think, normally everyone is proud of doing,” added Pradeep.

A thriving environment

That is definitely the case for our supported employees at the Nursery who are tasked with every step in the process of growing plants for customer orders.

The whole team is involved from the beginning: from seeding to potting and dispatch to the customer. Every step of the process is worked on and perfected. It’s a terrific environment to work in and one Pradeep loves.

“It’s the whole environment, I come here and enjoy looking and nurturing the green plants and people – and then seeing them involved in the process, yeah that’s the main thing. I just love the whole environment.”

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