14 Dec
Project: Coastal dune stabilisation for local government

Project: Coastal dune stabilisation for local government

The Perth metro coastal strip is most at risk during the cold season. To help in recovery after a long winter, our Environmental Services stabilise and monitor these damaged areas until they’re back to full health.

An unforgiving winter

Our coastline usually experiences significant erosion following winter storms from the south west. But this year has been especially harsh, as we had a number of storms from the north west as well. The areas most at risk are those that have been damaged by human activity.

This left many severely degraded areas that required immediate rehabilitation. If the area isn’t correctly stabilised then the dunes can’t recover even with new vegetation.

Stabilisation and rehabilitation

Our Environmental Services just completed work on stabilising multiple coastal dune areas within a number of locations dotted along the Perth coastal strip. Here are details of the project and tasks required.

Project: Coastal Dune Stabilisation

Client: Local Government Authorities

Period: Spring 2018

Location: Perth CBD


  • Supply of coir mesh
  • coir mesh installation to specific requirements
  • Plant installation
  • Tree guard installation
  • Project facilitation
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair

We’ve been providing these services since our inception in 2004, and always use the highest quality biodegradable products. The coil mesh we install hold the sand dunes in place and maintains moisture, which allows the planted tubestock to grow.

Following installation we carefully monitor the area over several years to ensure a full recovery. We provide seasonal watering, maintenance, and repair, especially in the coming winter periods.

If you need efficient management of coastal dune systems, then talk to our Environmental team today. Contact Alex Growden here or at 9375 4950!