12 Aug
Project: Gardens upgrade at Peel TAFE

Project: Gardens upgrade at Peel TAFE

Workpower Property Services offer a range of commercial property care solutions. Production Supervisor of Property Services, Sue Grayling, shares a recent project the team have undertaken.

Client: Peel TAFE

Location: Mandurah

The Mandurah Property Services Team has recently completed an upgrade of the amenity gardens at Peel TAFE. After consultation with the Services Manager a plan was agreed to revamp the front administration gardens. The proposal was to create an eye catching, visual statement at the entrance for the public to enjoy. This included water wise, bird attracting native plants, that would be low maintenance and have environmental appeal.

This work has given the gardens a clean, well maintained look and included;

  • Removal of large, old and diseased shrubs
  • Re-planting of native and water wise plants
  • Clearing and leveling of the grounds area
  • Distributing 18 cubic meters of tree mulch across the grounds, by wheelbarrow and rake
  • Grounds clear up with brooms and blowers for a clean finish

Looking at the finished project it is hard to tell that it was once an unkempt garden. The project required many physical labour hours to clear the old garden which had several large, diseased and woody old plants. Once the site was cleared the team worked their magic, replanting and mulching to produce a fitting feature garden for the administration offices.

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